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It is an innovative trusted device for digital identity authentication in all web-based application, like e-banking, e-commerce or even extranet applications in most corporations. The token generates dynamic and real-time codes as password for login process.
DPS authentication combines with 2 factors, namely "Time Factor" and "Code Factor". The time factor refers to your accessibility on time while the code factor means the token generates different code under different time frame. Each generated code is valid ONCE in lifetime. It is up to 90 million combinations.
Time Factor
Since DPS tokens work with time frame, user MUST take care token's time match with the server time. You can use GMT time zone to do the adjustment in server.
Code Factor
Each code in token will be displayed in 10 seconds and will be void after display. User even writes down the code without applying it into the system, the code will be void after next code was displayed.
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It is relatively important to know about the concept of DPS Coding, it bounded with time frame (i.e. GMT Time in your server side) to provide you a dynamic coding algorithms. So, please check your tokens to match with your server time.
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