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DPS is applying Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) technology to support its global customers.
It is an undeniable-a "must have"  feature to provide quality online support on the 24/7/356 basis.
To protect customer's benefits against privacy, DPS makes use of Electronic License Activation (ELA) to allow customers to manage software client access licenses (CALs) and license activation to their application. The ELA process allows customers to take full control over what happens to their software license.
  The DPS package (including tokens and software agent) is designed for one single customer or company.
Every time when customer wants to add CALs or extend license duration, they can only update ELA on single
account basis. Under special occasion, some customers (i.e. resellers) may purchase more than one package
at the same time and sold them on behalf on their company name. They may need to open different company
accounts for different packages.
  In order to implement ELA, customers need to have "Product Key" to activate the software license. The "Product Key" comes with the CD-ROM. If customer lost it, they can easily get it by sending us an official request letter with authorized signature and company chop.  
  The DPS Software Agent requires a Product Key to work, which is a way to protect customers' interest against privacy. You may find the "Product Key" insert paper comes with the DPS Software Agent CD-ROM, and let the license activated.  
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