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  DPS is applying Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) technology to support its global customers.
It is an undeniable-a "must have"  feature to provide quality online support on the 24/7/356 basis.
To protect customer's benefits against privacy, DPS makes use of Electronic License Activation (ELA) to allow customers to manage software client access licenses (CALs) and license activation to their application. The ELA process allows customers to take full control over what happens to their software license.
  Before you start, please kindly check whether you have "Product Key" on hand, If yes, you can follow the steps mentioned below, to perform Electronic License Activation (ELA). In case of problem,please feel free to contact us at support@dps-worldwide.com. Thank you.  
01. Open the DPS Software Agent CD-ROM or download DPS Software Agent from DPS website.
02. Install the Software Agent into a computer or a file server
03. Run and enter the Software Agent Opening Panel
04. Key in your Login Name and a Registered Password (if you have NOT registered your token in
    our system when you use DPS for the first time)
05. If you have token or you are a returning customer, please click SKIP and input your Login Name
    or DPS Code (from token) directly.
06. Select your role : A New Customer or A Returning Customer
07. After you login successfully, the default page will be your Account Profile
08. Click Manage License for activation and follow the instruction to fill in all information.
    and postal address, because DPS will send you notification emails or parcels through those channels.
09. Remember to enable Administrator Token Registration by key in Serial Number of a particular token in
    the area provided. Please noted that the Serial Number printed on the back side corner of a token.
10. Click the Activate License, fill in the Product Key then Submit
11. The ELA process is completed.
The software license will ONLY be started on the date you activate. In other words, your sortware license period will NOT be affected by the purchased date of the package. The license will be VALID for upcoming 12 months upon the date you activate. However, DPS highly recommend you to activate the software within 6 months after you purchased due to frequent update on the software ELA engine.  
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