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DPS has invented a technology called Dynamic Password System.
The company has fully tested the application for many years before
it launches to the market
  The key point of the technology is quite simple. In contrast to the concurrent
password system called static password, the new system is dynamic so that the
password changes automatically according to when and where login process is
used. The password is set utilizing the characteristics of variables which change
according to the factor in time zone, etc. Factors in time include year, month,
date, hour, minute, second, even nanosecond, etc.
  The actual numeric number to be entered on the time and date when connecting
to your server is to be calculated into a dynamic code. This code only displays
and to be valid once in life time. It prevents someone to write down codes from
your tokens when you are not notice.
DPS now also introduce Mobile DPS service for those who forgot to carry the
token during login process. Simply send a SMS to our Mobile Server or login to
our system to activate the service. A DPS password will be sent to you
immediately. It is highly convenient.
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