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  DPS is now seeking worldwide distributors for its products. You can get information on your local
DPS distributor by clicking the country region below the map.
  DPS is committed to making its product available to you anywhere through a worldwide network of distributors.
You may choose a distributor in your country or close to your region. You then enjoy an intensive care service from DPS distributors.
Our distributors help you to:-
Follow up and track sales order
Technical assistance to DPS products
Implementation consultancy
On-site support if necessary
Delivery and warranty support
Product recall & Replacement
Join us, if you are interested to sell DPS
Products, and we would like to know
more :
Understand our partnership program
Becoming a distributor
Becoming a reseller
Partnership program agreement
Benefits from our partnership Program
  Up to this moment, there is no distributors in this selected country region.
  Today, DPS helps solving online security issue for most corporations worldwide with its advanced technology.
Originally we targeted to online companies and e-merchants, now extending to online games providers. DPS's
benefits have proven to be universal. In business, many corporations reduce their risk in online identity
authentication and become more efficiently to run their business through online transaction. DPS offers a unique
and superior security solution. If you meet the requirements, you can choose becoming a distributor of DPS. Let's
grows the business together.
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