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Simple to deploy and operate, the DPS VPN Client allows corporations
to establish end-to-end, encrypted VPN tunnels for secure connectivity
for their mobile employees or off-site workers by using the dynamic
password authentication.
  The DPS VPN Client provides user-side ('client') dynamic password functionality for secure remote access over standardized IP networks using VPN routers and VPN servers. DPS VPN Client software is available in Windows environment only and is compatible on virtually all user workstations access platforms, including Window Vista and XP.  
  The DPS VPN Client can be preconfigured for mass deployments, and initial logins require little user intervention. It provides the innovative dynamic password system (DPS) capabilities, delivering a uniquely scalable, cost-effective, and easy-to-manage secure access VPN architecture that eliminates the operational costs associated with maintaining a consistent policy and token management method. DPS VPN Client fully supports the LDAP user authentication under Windows environment. User no needs to remember too many login names and sets of passwords. Only one DPS token on hand can solve all authentication issue like remote access and web-based application. This feature helps off-site workers or employees to access the corporate servers even through public PCs and network without threats from hackers.  
Provides full user-side dynamic password functionality designed for standard VPN
Router and VPN Gateway-based secure access from Windows environments.
Enforces centralized security policies, like T-FA, Two Factors Authentication.  
High standard encryption, and other user parameters; triggers automatic denial
or termination of out-of-parameter client connections
Enables administrators to customize and mass-distribute configurations to users;
optionally, can auto-launch when connecting, with no end-user software load
Available in only English language  
  Most VPN use static password. To maintain remote security in high standard, user
need to change their VPN password from time to time. The DPS VPN Client
Software allow you to save time and reduce the risk of using wrong password to
access your corporate VPN. It is highly recommended solutions for those off-site
workers and employee who always use public computers to access corporate
servers in a highly secure manner. Since your VPN password is only valid once in
live time, there is less risk in public sites like cyber cafes and hotels when you are using VPN access.
Using DPS anthentication
technology in your VPN,
the deployment is easy
and simple.
Know about DPS VPN
Service Fee...
The DPS VPN Client is an
optional service, in which
it is being charged annaully on fee per CAL
basis. Each CAL only USD 10.
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