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The new technology should relieve the users of the worry that the
password may caught by someone else beside the user or at any
place on the Internet by hackers. Sometimes, the users may even
lend their password to his/her friends for one time use or on a given
period of time. Only one password algorithm is needed for many
online merchants or business application.
  This feature will help the growth of e-commerce. This may also change the way
password is being used today as risk on authentication will be reduced. DPS
reduces the risk for password exposure.
  Application of this technology is easy. It does not require any sophisticated IT
manager or senior programmer. Most companies operate with web-based
application should apply DPS technology to secure their online transaction.
DPS can be applied in the following fields:
Online banking / e-banking
Online merchants / e-shopping sites
Online games providers / game sites
Online services provider / ISPs
Private Companies / corporate intranet or extranet application
Web-based software providers / system developers

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