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Dynamic Password Algorithm Improves Password Security
for E-Commerce
  Nowadays, e-commerce will be one of the major reasons for people to use the
internet. At present, the major obstacle to the expansion of online transaction
is the security problem with passwords being exposed due to the open nature
and characteristics of TCP/IP. This problem because more critical when those
information is crucial like credit card which may be illegal copied by others.
  Many technology providers try to find ways to provide security solutions for online transactions. Normally they think of a hardware solution only, but in fact it is very expensive and imperfect as it may be copied and hacked since any data flowing on the internet whether encrypted or not can be caught by someone else and may be reused. The best solution seems to be combined with both hardware and software solution into one. This is the so-called dual factors online identity authentication.  
The user-defined password is being assigned by users themselves, they can be
changed from time to time once they are being disclosed. It is always manipulated
in software of a system.
  The dynamic password system is usually provided by hardware, for example, a token which the user can carry along and provide them random password for logging into the system.  
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