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DPS™ stands for Dynamic Password System, which is an innovative trusted device of digital identity assurance for web-based applications and web-access solutions...  
  We work for most software developers, e-commerce enterprises and online game providers. The DPS token is a time-bounded dynamic password generator which provides unique password codes for real-time web-based access. DPS provides a complete platform for the secure issuance, management and use of digital tokens. With headquarter in Switzerland, and growing numbers of represented offices in different countries, we are now serving world-wide customers.  
DPS stands for Dynamic Password System, which is an
innovative digital token for online user to access web-based
application in a highly secure manner. It helps to prevent
hackers and unauthorized users from attacking your online
application and secure intranet or extranet operation.
  DPS offers web-based software developers or
online merchants :
Increase user confidence when user going online
Simplify security for the online consumers and users
Different packaged services scheme to fit your budget
Online help to assist developer to implement
Technical advisory services
  On the whole, DPS makes online user benefits from :
NO impact on existing user experience
NO change to the existing login process
NO hardware or software or download (Client Side)
       DPS Software Agent
works perfectly under the Windows Platform, with supporting languages library in ASP, ASP.Net, Visual Basic, C# and PHP.
Implementing a DPS
solutions in your web-based application is quite easy, it takes just a
few minutes.
Learn how to
setup DPS solution
It is relatively important to know about the concept of DPS Coding, it bounded with time frame (i.e. GMT Time in your server side). To know more about the time adjustment in GMT format in your country. Click learn more to see all time zones around the world.
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