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Software Agent for Token Management System The Software Agent is a web based application that provides a centralized management of token and at the same time allows the flexibility of carrying out a list of token management processes at anywhere, anytime through Internet.  
  It is a powerful tool that all aspect of token management can be handled in a cost-effective and convenient way. With the inventory function, the token balance is managed clearly and efficiently. Our reporting function helps to monitor the deployment easily.  
Token life cycle management  
Performing all of the critical functions in the life cycle of token management, including enrollment into the service, devices fulfillment, token activation and deactivation, replacement of lost, damaged, and expired tokens.  
Token inventory management  
Tokens in different status are clearly recorded that allows administrator to monitor the usage of the token efficiently, thus helping the inventory to be kept in an organized manner.  
DPS Software Agent is a service software which can be installed on most Windows Server Environment (i.e. 2000 / 2003). To manage information about tokens and users, there are 3 simple steps to implement:
  Install Software Agent in any workstation or server
  Sign up to activate the license and assign tokens
  Download packet file and copy it into your application
server or database server
         The DPS Software Agent (Version 1.02) is available NOW
This version supports
both new customer and
returning customer.
You may download it
by clicking the icon
Learn how to use
DPS Software Agent
The Software Agent allows
you to manage all tokens,
renew license, modify all
account profile and edit
token user information.
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