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Become a DPS partner :- a distributor or a reseller  
  DPS is always interested in capable international partners to implement DPS
Solution for our customers. A typical DPS partner would be an IT company that
has the necessary knowledge and resources to implement DPS Solution for our
end customers.
There are 2 levels of partners namely a distributor and a reseller
DPS is currently searching for 3 to 5 distributors in every country. A reseller can be promoted to a distributor if a reseller had met the sales target in 12 months through our partner ladder scheme. A distributor can enjoy override commission and sales privileges from their reseller or end customers. DPS will provide training, sales information and marketing supports to distributor in order to promote DPS Solution in their country.
A reseller means you buy DPS Solution not for your own use, but resell it to the other. Anyone can become a DPS reseller when their purchase meet our sales quota. A reseller can enjoy discount rebate (i.e. sales commission) upon purchase DPS products and can be supported by DPS directly through our website. Once you meet sales target in 12 months, you can be promoted to be a distributor of a country.
A partner implements DPS Solution for the end customer.
A partner can bill end customer for consultant work per implementation.
A partner can receive rebates from license renewal and sales purchase.
Partners should support end customer in sales follow up or technical problems.
Partners get full technical documentation and optional support from DPS.
After the resellers meet the sales target, they can be promoted to a distributor
of a country.
       DPS Software Agent
works perfectly under the Windows Platform, with supporting languages library in ASP, ASP.Net, Visual Basic, C# and PHP.
Implementing a DPS
solutions in your web-based application is quite easy, it takes just a
few minutes.
Learn how to
setup DPS solution
It is relatively important to know about the concept of DPS Coding, it bounded with time frame (i.e. GMT Time in your server side) to provide you a dynamic coding algorithms. So, please check your tokens to match with your server
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