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  DPS is interested in expanding its relationships with resellers worldwide. DPS
products are competitive in the market, particularly in the fast-growing areas
of information technology. This provides significant sales opportunity in a variety
of markets, from small business to global scale corporations. We are seeking
reseller in North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia Pacific
aggressively. Join us today and let our reseller program to grow your business.
Company Nature : I.T. related / Software Developers
Company History : > 2 years
Company Size : > 5 persons
Product Line : Computer peripheral, web-based
  software packages, online security…etc
Languages : English / Chinese
Initial Sales Quota : > USD 4,500 per year
If you meet all these requirements and you are interested to join us as a reseller, kindly fill in the following information. Thank you.  
With our reseller program, your company will earn more by selling DPS
products to end customers. If any new customer asks for DPS products in
your country, our distributors will pass the inquiry back to you. So, as a
reseller, you can enjoy the following:
Distributor support and product training
Online support program to monitor your end customers
Rebate commission all products when it sells to end customers
Sales support materials and free marketing consultancy from distributor
To find out more about your revenue opportunities in becoming a DPS authorized
reseller, kindly contact us at: sales@dps-worldwide.com
       DPS Software Agent
works perfectly under the Windows Platform, with supporting languages library in ASP, ASP.Net, Visual Basic, C# and PHP.
Implementing a DPS
solutions in your web-based application is quite easy, it takes just a
few minutes.
Learn how to
setup DPS solution
It is relatively important to know about the concept of DPS Coding, it bounded with time frame (i.e. GMT Time in your server side) to provide you a dynamic coding algorithms. So, please check your tokens to match with your server
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