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Identity authentication solutions from DPS helps Webximum to launch
web-based client side application successfully.
  Webximum, an IT-based consulting firm that specializes in providing customers with web-based software solutions, was looking for new ways to deliver high secure and reliable authentication interface for their current and potential clients. The company provides professional consulting and programming services such as CRM, ERP and contact management to clients that aim to take their business software to the web-based level. It soon became evident that customers were increasingly interested in operating their software via online platform or internet.  
  Over past few years, as the demand for online users grew, Webximum began to search for the most effective way to create a secure and reliable authentication plug-in for their customers. DPS was being selected for its effective and easy way of deployment and implementation. There is no major modification on the core program when applying DPS solution to their software.  
Webximum needed a solution that was:
2 factors authentication models
Dot NET compatible and web-based console ready
Able to handle and custom-made features
Easy to integrate/implement with existing systems
  After testing a number of similar products, Webximum chose DPS. Impressed not only by the ease of installation and maintenance that DPS offered, they also were affordable in cost per user compared with other third party solutions. In addition, DPS can be easily integrated in into the system.  
  Webximum were extremely impressed with DPS and the token management engine, which has given them the ability to rapidly develop and deploy their software. As a result, Webximum is now continually applying DPS for their clients. The business process behind their software and DPS runs more smoothly and efficiently. Software deployment and implementation time has been cut by 80%, creating a cost savings effect to both company and customers.  
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