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  After you choose DPS to be your authentication solution, you may need to update or adjust the license information from time to time. All DPS packages normally come with 12 months duration warranty and license period. Within the period, you may need to add more CALs and tokens to meet the growth of your company or staffs' size expansion. DPS offers you a highly flexible option for CALs.  
  DPS offers flexible, cost effective options for licensing the DPS Software Agent and tokens products. Client Access License (CAL) is required for each token to start the DPS service. When the license period expired, the token needs to add a new CAL.

All CAL will come with 12 months duration as license period which is the least requirement. Each token has an individual license period, and user can add more than one CAL to token each time as you like. There is no expiry date of CAL, so that user can purchase CALs in reserve.
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