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It is an innovative trusted device for digital identity authentication in all web-based application, like e-banking, e-commerce or even extranet applications in most corporations. The token generates dynamic and real-time codes as password for login process.
The DPS Token is made of resistant plastic materials, which have been passed through standard industrial testing. It is water-proof and shock resistant. It is well established and simple to deploy solution for secure access since no client software is required. You simply download the packet file from us and install in your server, then it runs instantly.
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We allow you pick your favorable color and print your company logo on DPS token. When your purchase meets our minimum order quantity, you can enjoy this additional benefit without any cost.
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It is relatively important to know about the concept of DPS Coding, it bounded with time frame (i.e. GMT Time in your server side) to provide you a dynamic coding algorithms. So, please check your tokens to match with your server time.
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