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It is an innovative trusted device for digital identity authentication in all web-based application, like e-banking, e-commerce or even extranet applications in most corporations. The token generates dynamic and real-time codes as password for login process.
DPS is a Service Provider which provides the Consumer Authentication
Services (CAS) and we aim to help the online merchant such as e-banking,
e-finance, e-commerce or even online game companies to allow their
customers - the end users, to use the token-based authenticator to protect
their valuable online accounts.
The DPS Token and technology by us - is innovative technology which
combines together with time frame and random coding generation together,
providing highly secure way for authentication for protecting online identities
and digital assets.
The DPS Token displays a new code in 2 seconds when it is activated by user.
Each token has a unique serial number built-in ROM that is combined with a
powerful algorithm to generate new codes up to 90 million combinations.
Because the number is unpredictable and dynamic, it would be extremely
difficult for a hacker to guess the correct number at any given time.
The code varies among with server system timing. In other words, each
password code is only valid at one time and all password code is only valid
once in life time. This complex technology synchronizes each authenticator
with the security server, ensuring a high level of security. This protection is
priceless when you consider the risk of exposing critical information resources.
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We allow you pick your favorable color and print your company logo on DPS token. When your purchase meets our minimum order quantity, you can enjoy this additional benefit without any cost.
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It is relatively important to know about the concept of DPS Coding, it bounded with time frame (i.e. GMT Time in your server side) to provide you a dynamic coding algorithms. So, please check your tokens to match with your server time.
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