DPS™ stands for Dynamic Password System, which is
an innovative trusted device of digital identity assurance for
web-based applications and web- access solutions. The DPS
token is a time-bounded dynamic password generator which
provides unique password codes for real-time web-based access.
  Small in size
The token is highly portable with key ring size (length : 65mm and width : 27mm), made with resistant plastic coating.

Simple to use
Hold the token, press and read. Then key
in the code to your system, access granted.

Strong in security
Over 90 millions code combination made hacking impossible.
  High security
The service patches need to be updated annually and the software is protected for
each customer through complex encrption.

Simple to use
Simply download license patches, copy and install in the server side. It takes 10 mins.

Run under MS Windows Environment
Support all popular languages like ASP,
ASP.net, VB and Php...etc.
  Today, network computing and the Internet is getting popular. System security is thus crucial. The simple and static password is not enough for most of the information systems, especially in the web-based application environment.
  DPS is a one-time password generator that produces dynamic and unpredictable eight digits for each operation. DPS is low cost and secure for the network authentication and identification.
Harris Tsim,
Executive Director - Webximum
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