October 2007
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Make your mobile phone
become a DPS Token...
  Join DPS Mobile Service, you
can get your DPS password viaSMS to your mobile phone...
Know about the DPS MobileService Fee...
  The DPS Mobile Service fee
depends on the mobile network
providers, it will be charged on
number of SMS basis. The rate
is varied from different countries.
  Simple to deploy and operate,
the DPS VPN Client allows
corporations to establish end-
to-end, encrypted VPN tunnels
for secure connectivity for
their mobile employees or off-
site workers by using the
dynamic password
  The DPS VPN Client provides user-
side ('client') dynamic password
functionality for secure remote
access over standardized IP
networks using VPN routers and
VPN servers. DPS VPN Client
software is available in Windows
environment only and is
compatible on virtually all user
workstations access platforms,
including Window
Vista and XP.
Executive Director, HK
Webximum Corporation Limited
Cost-effectiveness & cost-efficiency for authentication and
identification on web access application
Today, network computing and the Internet is getting popular. System
security is thus crucial. The simple and static password is not enough
for most of the information systems, especially in the web-based
application environment.
  Over past few years, as the demand for online users grew, Webximum
began to search for the most effective way to create a secure and reliable
authentication plug-in for their customers. DPS was being selected for its
effective and easy way of deployment and implementation. There is no
major modification on the core program when applying DPS solution to
their software.
Webximum needed a solution that was:
2 factors authentication models
Dot NET compatible and web-based console ready
Able to handle and custom-made features
Easy to integrate/implement with existing systems
  After testing a number of similar products, Webximum chose DPS.
Impressed not only by the ease of installation and maintenance that DPS
offered, they also were affordable in cost per user compared with other
third party solutions. In addition, DPS can be easily integrated in into the
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