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  DPS token application is a single, robust and strong authentication solution to most companies. The Token
Management System (TMS) enables full life-cycle management of your authentication solution including
deployment, provisioning and ongoing maintenance.
  You must activate the license before continue to manage the tokens.TMS in DPS is being applied by a Software Agent. It can be executed through a Client-side Software Interface (CSI) or Client-side Web-based Interface (CWI), in which it supports all tokens and a wide variety of security application including network login, VPN, web access, one-time password authentication, secure email, data encryption, enterprise single sign-on and more.  
01. Run the software Agent or login to DPS webside Enter to the DPS Software Agent for token management
    and license renewal
02. In My Account, click Manage Tokens & Update Token Info
03. The default page of the software agent is Token Information; you may see all tokens' information on the
    list, please make sure all Tokens'Serial Number listed on the table matched with your tokens on hand
04. Key in the relevant information likes name of the staff, mobile phone number and email address.
    The email address, mobile phone number and Defined Password is reserved for using DPS Mobile Service
    as a way of authentication.
05. Please noted that you can see the CALs information at the table corner; make sure the number of tokens
    being assigned is smaller or equal to the CALs maximum number. You can use all CALs with all tokens as
    you want
06. After you finish, click Download Packet File and Download (an encrypted files) copy to your database
    server as mentioned in the Readme File of the Software Agent CD-ROM.
07. You can also download the Readme File from Downloads in the support Section of DPS website.
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