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  The new technology should relieve the users of the worry that the password may caught by someone else beside the user or at any place on the Internet by hackers. Sometimes, the users may even lend their password to his/her friends for one time use or on a given period of time. Only one password lgorithm is needed for many online merchants or business application.  
  The DPS technology combines with the application of tokens and software agent. With the software agent
installed in your PC or web-based interface in DPS website, you can manage and operate authentication
policy for your own application.
01. Sign Up with DPS becoming an End Customer.
02. You may receive an Account Activation & Notification Email, click the link to activate your account.
03. Login to DPS, go to My Account, Click Order Online.
04. Select a Package and check tokens and CALs quantity to fit your need.
05. You then follow the "4-steps Online Ordering Procedure".
06. After Order Complete, you can see the Order Number in the screen, and you may receive an electronic
    invoice in your email box. Please keep them in a safe place; you may need this to activate the license.
07. The delivery days may varies from 7 to 10 business days, depend on your location Asia Pacific (usually 7
    days) Outside Asia Pacific (around 10 days)
08. DPS use speed post providers like FedEx, DHL, TNT and UPS, you can find your Parcel Tracking Number
    and provider's name in Track Shipping Section in My Account.
09. Simply Key in Parcel Tracking Number in the respective speed post provider, you can check about the
    delivery status of your parcel.
DHL http://track.dhl-usa.com/trackbynbr.asp
FedEx http://www.fedex.com/Tracking
TNT http://cgi.tnt.co.uk/trackntrace/trackntrace.asp
UPS http://www.ups.com/tracking/tracking.html
10. After you receive the parcel from DPS, open it and check whether there are any defects or problems. DPS
    provides you with 30 days return policy to protect your benefit.
11. If the goods are received in good condition, you can open the parcel and start implementing DPS.
12. There are 4 major functions to implement DPS solution.
License Activation
Token Management
CALs Adjustment
Downloading Files and Drivers
    Each of these topics is being elaborated in details on different sections. You may go through it one by one.
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